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Relative validity and reproducibility of calcium semi quantitative food frequency questionnaire for Indonesian children aged 1-5 years in urban poor area of East Jakarta, Indonesia

Susan Hartono; Siti Muslimatun, supervisor (Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia, 2005)


Bone mineral content at old age is dependent upon the peak bone mass achieved in youth and subsequent adult bone loss (Matkovic, 1992). Adequate calcium consumption during childhood is beneficial for the acquisition of peak bone mass and density. It is therefore, calcium has been considered to play important role in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis (NIH, 1994), and osteoporosis has been described as a pediatric disease that manifests itself in old age (Lysen and Walker, 1997). If children fail to take in enough calcium, they are more likely to develop osteoporosis later in life (Insel et al., 2002). Nevertheless, calcium is one of the nutrients that most likely to be low or deficient in children's diets (Krause's, 2000). Recently, calcium has been suspected to have a positive effect in preventing some disorders, including diarrhea. Bovee et al., (2003) indicated that low calcium intake has been shown to impair host resistance to food-borne intestinal infections. Because of childhood morbidity and mortality due to infectious diarrhea is very high in developing countries, adequate dietary calcium intakes of the children will likely improve their bone as well as intestinal health (Bovee et al., 2003). Dairy products are always regarded as primary source of calcium. It is difficult to meet the RDA for calcium without milk or milk products (Krause, 1992). Unfortunately, the general Indonesian population does not commonly consume milk.
The results of 1997 national survey on households' food consumption pattern across provinces in Indonesia reveal that milk consumption was zero, or milk product was never consumed in the last three months at the time of survey (Sumarno at al., 1997). In line with the 1997 national survey, Ariani et al., (1997) reported that the level of milk consumption was lower than that of other animal products across the provinces in Indonesia, and in general, milk consumption of Indonesian population was below the standard of adequacy of milk consumption according to Widyakarya National Pangan dan Gizi 1998 (4.6 kg/cap/year). The above facts indicate that many Indonesians may consume calcium-deficient diet.

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