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Pengaruh penerapan program kesehatan dan keselamatan terhadap kinerja kerja pada tahap Pelaksanaan Konstruksi Gedung di wilayah Jabotabek

Agung Irawan; Ismeth Abidin, supervisor; Asiyanto, supervisor (Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia, 2001)


Construction work is a work that has a potential of a bigger working accident to take place. Construction sector job is an activity involving workers, tools and materials in large number, either alone or together so can become a source of accident to happen An injured worker will of course physically and financially suffer. Contractor who ignores health and job safety will also suffer in direct cost, which at the end will influence his business existence.
Accident involving human and equipment will far result a loss in time and cost. Success in construction project implementation is mainly influenced by the productivity and quality of human resources who work for construction project. The construction workers from manager to labors are assets that should be protected in order to be able to work well and productive so that the job safety and health program implementation in the construction activity site is badly needed. An effective job safety and health program is a result of a plan, coordination and commitment of all employees of a company from the lowest level of workers to the top leader.
The research is aimed to analyze of the job safety and health program implementation to workers productivity workmanship in planning and implementation stage of building construction. How big the job safely and health program variables implementation is to the workers productivity workmanship in building construction implementation stage can be seen from double regression point the regression model resulted.
The result of this research shows that there are some variables of job safety and health program which influence a lot to the workers productivity workmanship. Three decisive variables are obtained for relationship model between job safety and health program implementation to workers productivity workmanship in building construction implementation stage. Decisive variables are to choose the system and equipment which are going to be used, checking the work place, tools and Occupational Health and Safety equiptment routinely before starting a job and carrying out improvement actions to prevent accident.
The results of this research are obtained from 21 samples that fulfill the conditions for statistic analyze. Those samples are obtained from 34 questonners which are filled by the respondents from the contractor's Health and Job safety Manager in building construction project in Jabotabek. The analysis done in this research is uses correlation analysis, factor analysis, decisive variables analysis and double regression analysis. All of those statistic analysis are processed using the help of Statistical Program for Science Release versi 10.00 for Windows software program.

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