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Designing electronic product enclosures

Serksnis, Tony; (Springer Cham, 2019)


This book explains the design and fabrication of any electronic enclosure that contains a printed circuit board, from original design through materials selection, building and testing, and ongoing design improvement. It presents a thorough and lucid treatment of material physical properties, engineering, and compliance considerations such that readers will understand concerns that exist with a design (structural, environmental, and regulatory) and what is needed to successfully enter the marketplace. To this end, a main thrust of this volume is on the “commercialization” of electronic products when an enclosure is needed. The book targets the broadest audience tasked with design and manufacture of an enclosure for an electronic product, from mechanical/industrial engineers to designers and technicians. Compiling a wealth of information on relevant physical phenomena (strength of materials, shock and vibration, heat transfer), the book stands as a ready reference on how and where these key properties may be considered in the design of most electronic enclosures.

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