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"A Historiography of the Modern Social Sciences includes essays on the ways in which the histories of history, psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, and political science have been written since the Second World War. Bringing together chapters written by the leading historians of each discipline establishes significant parallels and contrasts and...
New York: Cambrigde University Press , 2014
300.72 HIS
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This work advances geopolitical economy as a new approach to understanding the evolution of the capitalist world order and its 21st century form of multipolarity. Neither can be explained by recently dominant approaches such as U.S. hegemony or globalization: they treat the world economy as a seamless whole in which...
United Kingdom: Emerald, 2016
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Lee, Sang-oak, author
Sotong: Do Wook Choi, 2008
R KOR 306.519 LEE k
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Takafusa, Nakamura
Tokyo: LTCB International Library Foundation, 1994
330.952 TAK l
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Peters, Tom F., author
Cambridge, UK: MIT Press, 1996
624.09 PET b
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