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Peeters, Benoît, 1956-, author
This biography of Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) tells the story of a Jewish boy from Algiers, excluded from school at the age of twelve, who went on to become the most widely translated French philsopher in the world - a vulnerable, tormented man who, throughout his life, continued to see himself...
Cambridge, UK : Polity Press, 2013
194 PEE d
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Kim, Song-su, 1960-, author
Seoul: Bom Namu, 2006
KOR 923.951 KIM h (1)
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Chairul Arifin, author
Jakarta: ISTN, 1999
R 921 CHA f
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Ki, Tae-sung, 1527-1572
Soul-si : Sonamu, 2007
KOR 495.711 KIT t
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Wolf, Eric R.
Frankfurt: V. Klostermann, 1950
GER 938.34 WOL g
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Feingold, Mordechai, author
This latest volume in the series of titles on the history of universities contains a mix of learned chapters and book reviews which makes this publication a useful tool for the historian of higher education. This special issue particularly focuses on seventeenth-century Scottish philosophers and their philosophy. The volume is...
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017
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Yogyakarta: Univeraitas Sanata Dharma, 2013
923.7 OAS
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