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Baer, John, author
[The book focuses on three big, well-researched ideas related to creativity training, divergent thinking, intrinsic motivation, and the CPS model of creative problem solving, and shows how to apply these ideas in designing lessons that promote creativity as well as encourage the development of content-based skills and knowledge. The book...
Rotterdam: [Sense;, ], 2012
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Bosacki, Sandra Leanne, author
[This book investigates which aspects of these discourse experiences foster the growth of understanding of spirit, emotion, and mind in adolescence. Accordingly, from a co-relational approach to the development of understanding mind and education, this book builds on past and current research by investigating the social and emotional antecedents and...
Rotterdam: [Sense, ], 2012
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Eggen, Paul, author
New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc., 2004
370.15 EGG e
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Juli K. Adi, author
Penelitian ini bermula dari kekhawatiran para pendidik mengenai pengaruh negatif kegiatan luar sekolah terhadap prestasi belajar di sekolah. Tujuan. penelitian dipusatkan untuk melihat perbedaan prestasi belajar di sekolah dan kreativitas antara siswa yang Ikut kursus musik dan yang tidak kursus musik di SD kelas VI. Setelah dibahas mengenai teori-teori perkembangan...
Depok: Universitas Indonesia, 1989
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Schwartz, Lita Linzer, author
Boston: Holbrook Press, 1972
370.15 SCH e
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Belmont, California: Wadsworth , 1970
370.152 8 BEH
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Sriprakash, Arathi
Pedagogies for development takes a sociological approach to examine the introduction of child-centred education in contemporary Indian policy and school contexts. It investigates the promise of democratic learning in development discourses to ask how far child-centred models can address poverty and social inequalities in rural Indian communities. Drawing on in-depth...
Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer, 2012
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Pillow, Bradford H., author
Children’s discovery of the active mind organizes empirical literature concerning the development of children’s knowledge of cognitive activities from early childhood to adolescence and presents a conceptual framework that integrates children’s introspective activities with social influences on development. Bringing together theoretical and empirical work from developmental, cognitive, and social...
New York: Springer, 2012
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McCloskey, George, author
Presents a blend of theory, research, and practice that offers clinicians a framework for the concept of executive functions (EFs) in educational settings. This book focuses on the practical issues involved in the use of assessment tools, tests, report writing, and the implementation and follow-up of targeted interventions using the...
New York: Routledge, 2009
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