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Atwood, Christee Gabour, author
An explanation of the trainers role in implementing strategic succession planning tactics to ensure the future prosperity of your organization. Succession Planning Basics will equip you with the background and implementation tools to devise and execute a forward-thinking succession planning program. It will guide you through creating a workforce profile...
Alexandria, Virginia: American Society for Training & Development, 2007
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Chapter : 1 The impact of leadership development programs : appendix 2 Appendix A: lesdership development program impact study methodology 6 Appendix B: survey 1: pre-qualification survey 24 Appendix C: interview protocol for "best case" organizations 28 Appendix D: survey...
Alexandria, Virginia: American Society for Training & Development, 2010
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Baker, William F., author
By now, many leaders have realized that when it comes to business, nice guys often finish first. Old-fashioned images of corporate callousness and greed have been replaced by a gentler, more human conception of great leadership. But how does one define "kindness" in the context of business? And what is...
New York: American Management Association;, 2008
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Wheeler, Cass, author
For organizations in the social sector to be truly effective, they must stay relevant and, above all, stay true to their mission. For the past twenty-six years, Cass Wheeler has ensured that the American Heart Association has fulfilled its calling to save lives and educate the public about heart disease...
New York: American Management Association;, 2009
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Tri Prihartini Endang Kusumastusti, author
Berbagai penelitian akhir-akhir ini menunjukkan adanya korelasi antara budaya organisasi dengan tingkat capaian suatu perusahaan. Dengan demikian, usaha untuk mendalami lebih jauh tentang budaya organisasi menjadi semakin menarik dan relevan.

Hotel Ever Green (HEG) sebagai satu dari sejumlah hotel yang berkembang di Kawasan Puncak, sejak berdirinya pada tahun 1973, telah berupaya...
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Rothwell, William J., 1951-, author
Organizations that don't take steps to plan for future talent needs at all levels, will face certain disruptions, and even disasters, when key employees leave. Still the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject, this new edition of Effective Succession Planning presents strategies for creating a complete, systematic succession...
New York: American Management Association;, 2010
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Avanti Fontana, author
This article concludes and communicates some organizational- managerial perspectives and implications of our research on "Management Models, Organizational Forms, and Trust in An Institution of Higher Education (University)" on how managing change within the context of university/professional organization. The gap that exists between the internal organizational contexts (organizational capability, people's...
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Stolovith, Harold D., author
Articulates the key concepts behind human performance improvement and reveals the connection between training and performance. Despite the explicit emphasis on bottom-line results in the workplace, a great deal of confusion exists regarding what constitutes achievement, and how training should and does relate to performance. Training Ain't Performance untangles the myths...
Alexandria, VA: American Society for Training and Development Press, 2004
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Bernthal, Paul R., author
The study culminated in this report, which contains a new competency model that defines the profession in the context of its strategic contribution to perfoemance. It also addreses the need for the profession to balance its contribution to the organizations financial perfoemance with the social well being of people as...
Alexandria, VA: [American Society for Training and Development Press;, ], 2004
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Galbraith, Jay R., author
"Which business structures are best suited to the unpredictable 21st century? How can a company, division, or department reconfigure itself with minimum disruption and maximum impact? Every executive grapples with problems of restructuring--and most need hands-on guidance to solve them. This eye-opening book shows business leaders at all levels how...
New York: [American Management Association, ], 2002
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