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Chapnick, Samantha, author
A needs assessment must address the high-level goals of the organization, point to the right intervention that meets the needs of all stakeholders, and set up a path for the new intervention. This issue offers a step-by-step guide for an expanded needs assessment process that will serve the organizations goals...
Alexandria, VA: [American Society for Training & Development Press, American Society for Training & Development Press], 2000
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Gordon, Sallie E.
New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1994
331.25 GOR s
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"This book brings together research and practices regarding digital and social technology integration in the K-12 classroom, sharing practical and conceptual aspects of using digital and social technologies as tools for transforming K-12 learning environments"-...
Hershey, P.A.: Information Science Reference, 2014
371.33 TRA (1)
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