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Adams, Robert McC.
Chicago: ALdine Publishing Company, 1966
301.364 ADA e
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Sweitz, Sam R.
This book examines from an archaeological perspective the social and economic changes that took place in Yucatán, Mexico beginning in the 18th century, as the region became increasingly articulated within global networks of exchange. Of particular interest is the formation and ultimate supremacy of the hacienda system in Yucatán and...
New York: Springer, 2012
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Townsend, Camilla, author
After the Spanish conquest, the Nahuas of colonial Mexico learned the Roman alphabet and used it to transcribe oral performances of traditional histories of their peoples. These texts were called xiuhpohaulli in Nahuatl and are usually referred to as annals now. They were produced by indigenous people and for indigenous...
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017
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