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Dimas Agung Nugraha, author

Penelitian ini fokus terhadap desentralisasi fiscal di Indonesia dan pengaruhnya terhadap pelayanan publik bidang kesehatan. Dengan menggunakan panel data dari 30 provinsi di Indonesia dalam rentang waktu 2002-2015, penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa tingkat otonomi fiskal pemerintah daerah berdampak positif terhadap belanja bidang kesehatan yang dialokasikan oleh pemerintah daerah. Kemudian, capaian...

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Both international and internal migration brings new challenges to public health systems. This book aims to critically review theoretical frameworks and literature, as well as discuss new practices and lessons related to culture, migration, and health communication in different countries. It features research and applied projects conducted by scholars from...
New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
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Curtis, Sarah
London: Arnold , 1996
362.1 CUR h
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Canberra: Health TRansition Centre., 1989
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Kunitz, Stephen J., author
In the maelstrom of current public health debate over the social determinants of health, this book offers a discussion on the roots of prevalent strains of thought on the matter. The author brings an independent perspective to bear on the debat...
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007
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El-Sayed, Abdulrahman M., author
This book bridges the gap between systems science and population health science and brings together contributions from leading authorities in the field to describe how complex systems science contributes to population health and to demonstrate how methodological approaches in systems science can sharpen population health science. The book includes both...
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017
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McMurray, Anne, author
Sydney: Harcourt Mosby, 1999
362.120 994 MCM c
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