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Sudo, Sueo, author
The central puzzle in the study of Japanese foreign policy has been why Japan has continued to play a passive role in international affairs, despite its impressive economic and political power. Challenging this central puzzle, the core argument of this study is to present an alternative path for the study...
Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies , 2015
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Abe, Shinzo, author
The Singapore Lecture Series was inaugurated in 1980 by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies with a founding endowment from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and augmented by a generous donation in 1983 from Exxon Mobil Asia Pacific. The Singapore Lecture is designed to provide the opportunity for distinguished statesmen,...
Singapore: Institute of South East Asia Studies, 2013
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As we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the ASEAN-Japan Dialogue Partnership, the essays in this book remind us, and amplify the ASEAN-Japan relations. The complexities of this relationship, including the external influences which have impinged on its development over the years, are cogently discussed and recorded for the younger generation...
Singapore: Institute of South East Asia Studies, 2014
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Singapore: Regional Strategic Studies Programme, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1993
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