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Jarrow, Robert
This text offers advanced undergraduates, MBA students and executives the theory and practical tools needed to price and hedge derivatives in the professional marketplace...
Cincinnati, Ohio: South-Western College , 2000
332.632 JAR d
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Hirsa, Alih, editor
An introduction to the mathematics of financial derivatives is a popular, intuitive text that eases the transition between basic summaries of financial engineering to more advanced treatments using stochastic calculus. Requiring only a basic knowledge of calculus and probability, it takes readers on a tour of advanced financial engineering. This...
San Diego: Academic Press, 2014
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Rachman Untung Budiman, author
Dual-currency deposit is one of the latest innovative banking prod-its offered by foreign banks in Indonesia. Its much higher interest to than prevailing deposit interest rate and convertibility to another the currency may attract many investors. As an investor, one floud fully understand the risk and return characteristics of this...
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