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Kyoto: Center for Southeast Asian Studies Kyoto University, 1988
969.1 MAD
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Nisa Nur Iskandar, author
Vinblastine and vincristine are secondary metabolites from Madagascar periwinkles that have a very high economic value as chemotherapy drugs. These compounds are naturally produced in a very low quantity in planta. One promising alternative method for vinblastine and vincristine production is to use a treatment that can trigger plant stress response in vitro....
Institut Teknologi Bandung, School of Life Sciences and Technology, 2016
Artikel Jurnal  Universitas Indonesia Library
Bang, Anne K., author
In the period c. 1880-1940, Sufism in East Africa was the vehicle both for conversion to Islam and for reform of Islamic practice. In this book, Sufi expansion is traced and situated within the wider framework of Islamic reform...
London: Brill, 2014
297.4 BAN i
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library