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Kaen, Fred R., author
"Recent events have turned the spotlight on the issue of corporate accountability -- especially when it comes to protecting shareholder value. In the modern corporation, non-owners commonly manage day-to-day operations, and their decisions have a direct impact on the company's overall value. But what can management do to positively impact...
New York: [American Management Association, ], 2003
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Moran, Sheila, author
More than three million people serve on boards and audit committees in the US alone. But huge risks come with these coveted jobs. This guide mitigates the risks and dramatically increases the effectiveness of boards and audit committees by uncovering 10 crucial steps every governing body should take...
New York: [American Management Association;, ], 2013
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This book argues for a correct balance between risk and reward and for Directors remuneration to be equitable to all parties and stakeholders. By examining the current theories, practices and regulations and explaining them in detail it provides a state of the art overview of one of the key corporate...
United Kingdom: Emerald, 2016
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