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Three new chapters, numerous additions to existing chapters, and an expanded collection of questions and exercises make this third edition of Principles of Financial Engineering essential reading. Between defining swaps on its first page and presenting a case study on its last, Robert Kosowski and Salih Neftci's introduction to financial...
London, UK : Academic Press, 2015
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Galitz, Lawrence
London: Pitman, 1994
658.15 GAL f
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Finnerty, John D., author
New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2013
658.152 FIN p
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Renata Muchlis Budijanto, author
In Order to increase the quality of project implementation much research will need to be carried out in Indonesia and abroad. In 1982 The Business Roundtable's team in the US found that opportunities to reduce project costs and schedules by using existing and new construction technology are lost because construction...
Depok: Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia, 2001
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Mas Wicaksono Santoso
Pemakaian sumber energi khususnya gas alam, emisi merupakan hasil yang tidak diinginkan oleh kegiatan industri baik itu industri minyak maupun gas bumi, di lain sisi emisi gas yang dibuang dapat bernilai dan perlu upaya untuk mencegah terjadinya pencemaran lingkungan. Pemanfaatan ini dapat dilakukan oleh pihak perusahaan industri yang menjalankan dengan penambahan extraction plant untuk memanfaatkan...
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Duan, Jin-Chuan, editor
The latest volume in the Springer Handbooks of Computational Statistics series covers the full range of finance, including the modern class of financial tools, computational efficient algorithms, the pricing of complex products, risk behavior and much more....
Berlin: Springer, 2012
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Brabazon, Anthony, editor
Like its three predecessors, this fourth volume in its series covers cutting-edge natural computing and agent-based methodologies in computational finance and economics, option model calibration, financial trend reversal detection, algorithmic trading and more...
Berlin: Springer, 2011
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