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Close, Guy C.
New York: John Wiley & Son, Inc., 1960
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Fryman, Mark a.
CD-ROM includes: 4 Excel based programs that accompany the text. The programs are: Random Number Generator, Z-test, X-bar & R chart, and P char...
Albany: Delmar / Thomson Learning, 2002
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Labovitz, George, author
The big picture : the alignment framework: -- From strategic intent to real work : vertical alignment -- Energizing people : employee engagement -- Getting to wow! horizontal alignment -- Better and better : continuous process improvement -- Your alignment accelerator : social media -- The power of culture :...
New York: McGraw-Hill, 2012
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An efficient air transport system is critical to countries attaining and sustaining healthy economies in an increasingly interconnected world economy. This volume of 'Advances in Airline Economics' includes literature surveys and original empirical research examining airline efficiency in the twenty first century...
United Kingdom: Emerald, 2016
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Ruffa, Stephen A., 1961- , author
In "Going Lean", author Stephen A. Ruffa introduced the groundbreaking principles of Lean Dynamics, revealing how leading companies go beyond chasing the most visible outcomes of lean to address the disconnects that cause operational waste to accumulate. Illustrated by compelling cases and clear examples, "The Going Lean Fieldbook" provides a...
New York: American Management Association, 2011
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Coleman, Richard M., author
"There are 8,760 hours in a year. How many companies use all those hours as effectively as they could? This succinct new guide shows how to squeeze productivity from every hour of the day -- without squeezing employees dry. Author Richard Coleman, a much sought after authority on "shiftwork" schedules,...
New York: American Management Association, 1995
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