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Seglin, Jeffrey L., author
This is a brand new, revised and expanded edition of the rich sourcebook that gives professionals everything they need to create effective business correspondence. Including an easy-to-use CD-ROM, this authoritative book contains hundreds of customizable, fully executed model letters and memos, plus style and grammar guidelines, new sections on business...
New York: [American Management Association, American Management Association], 2002
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Seglin, Jeffrey L., author
Though the fundamentals of letter writing have remained the same, the way we communicate in business is constantly evolving. Whether it’s a formal printed letter or an email, the ability to write effective correspondence is essential for success—no matter what the industry. Containing more than 25 percent new material, The...
New York: [American Management Association;;;, ], 2012
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Buku yang berjudul "Merriam-Webster's guide to business correspondence : a merriam-webster" ini merupakan sebuah buku panduan mengenai korespondensi bisnis...
Springfield: Merriam-Webster's, Incorporated, 1993
R 651.75 MER
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Suryadi, author
The Malay letters make up the largest category of documents among the Malay manuscripts preserved at Leiden University Library, the Netherlands. The corpus represents the scope of the territories under Dutch East Indies authority during the colonial era. In fact, they are authentic documents which denote not only political contact...
Depok: University of Indonesia, Faculty of Humanities, 2015
909 UI-WACANA 16:2 (2015)
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