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Gaillard, Norbert, author
[This book provides the necessary broad overview, which will be of interest to both economists and investors alike. Chapter 1 presents the main issues that are addressed in this book. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 provide the key notions to understand sovereign ratings. Chapter 2 presents an overview of sovereign...
New York: [Springer, ], 2012
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Asia's miraculous recovery from the 1997 crisis ushered in unexpected transformations to its economies and financial sectors. The reasons many Asian countries are growing above 6%, with double-digit growth for a year or two in-between, are investigated by this extensive research collection. The Handbook of Asian...
Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2014
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Vera Aryani, author
Tulisan ini hendak berargumen bahwa kekhawatiran Amerika Serikat atas SWFs, khususnya SWFs Cina didorong oleh distribusi power SWFs dan juga iliberalisme Amerika Serikat. Dengan menggunakan Cina sebagai studi kasus, tulisan ini berusaha untuk mengidentifikasi distribusi power melalui perpindahan SWFs Cina agar diperoleh pemahaman mengenai munculnya kekhawatiran Amerika Serikat atas SWFs,...
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