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Review : Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination is a comprehensive textbook of physical examination, history-taking, and health assessment with a unique emphasis on differential diagnosis and variations across the lifespan. The book conveys a uniquely compassionate, patient-centered approach to physical examination with a strong evidence-based foundation." "This book has Clinical Pearls...
St. Louis, Mo.: Mosby/Elsevier, 2011
616.075 4 MOS
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London: Mosby, 1999
R 616.07 SEI m
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The themes that shape this book - nursing care in the community, client education, critical thinking, &​ evidence-based practice in nursing - will prepare students for the responsibility of managing care for families with diverse healthcare needs, &​ to work collaboratively with families &​ other health professionals to enhance care....
Hoboken, NJ : Pearson , 2017
618.2 MAT
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