Modeling in the yield curves of AA and a rated corporation bonds with the nelson siegel svensson and cubic spline smooting methods
Artikel Jurnal
Peach, W. Nelson
Principles of economics / by Nelson W. Peach
Richard D. Irwin, 1955
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Adelia Surya Pratiwi, author
Understanding emerging market sovereign bond yield spread: role of default and non-default determinants / Adelia Surya Pratiwi
Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia, Centre of Macroeconomic Policy, 2015
Artikel Jurnal
Razgaitis, Richard, author
Valuation and dealmaking of technology-based intellectual propert y: principles, methods and tools
John Wiley and Sons, 2009
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Rangkuti, Anindita Prameswari, author
Analisis pengaruh perubahan credit ratings terhadap keputusan struktur modal studi pada perusahaan yang tercatat di pemeringkat efek indoensia 2011-2013 = Analysis on the effect of changes in credit ratings toward capital structure decision a study on companies rated by pemeringkat efek indonesia 2011-2013
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