Mann, F.A.
The legal aspect of money : with special reference to comparative private and public international law / by F.A. Mann.
Oxford At The Clarendon Press, 1971
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Mann, F.A.
Studies in international law / by F.A. Mann
Clarendon Press, 1973
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The Islamic perspective of changes in government administration and law : with special reference to the development of legal political system in post-reformasi indonesia
 Artikel Jurnal
Chun, Changmin
Cross-border transactions of intermediated securities: a comparative analysis in substantive law and private international law
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Ghali Fairuzy Windiansyah
The comparison of legal person with the aspect of private international law in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, PRC, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam = Perbandingan badan hukum dengan aspek hukum perdata internasional di Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, PRC, Jepang, Taiwan, dan Korea Selatan
Universitas Indonesia, 2019
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