Roy Ellen
Pragmatism, identity, and the state : how the nuaulu of seram have reinvented their beliefs and practices as “religion” / Roy Ellen
University of Indonesia, Faculty of Humanities, 2014
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Millard, Thomas F.
Our eastern question : American contact with the orient and the trend of relations with China and Japan / Thomas F. Millard
The Century , 1916
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Annisa Noor Khilmia Adkhanti
Pengaruh Sistem Kepercayaan dalam Pembentukan Permukiman Vernakular (Studi Kasus: Tabu pada Suku Nuaulu, Dusun Rohua) = The Effect of Beliefs System in Formation of Vernacular Settlement (Case Study: Taboo in Suku Nuaulu, Dusun Rohua)
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Ellen, Roy
Environment, subsistence and system : the ecology of small-scale social formations / Roy Ellen
Cambridge University Press, 1982
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The Pancasila industrial relations The industrial relations based on the indonesian five principles-a philosophical approach Soeganda Priyatna
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