Macrae, Norman
The 2025 report a concise history of the future 1975-2025 / by Norman Macrae
Macmillan, 1984
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Suicide or survival? challenge of the year 2000 / Unesco
[publisher not identified], 1978
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Bunuh diri atau hidup selamat? tantangan tahun 2000 = Suicide or survival? the challenge of the year 2000
Gunung Agung, 1982
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Attali, Jacques
Milenium ketiga: yang menang, yang kalah dalam tata dunia mendatang = Millennium : winners and losers in the coming world order/ Jacques Attali ; translated from the French by Leila Conners, Nathan Gardels; Emmy Nor Hariati
Pustaka Pelajar, 1997
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Atkinson, William Illsey
Nanocosm: nanotechnology and the big changes coming from the inconceivably small
American Management Association, 2003