Darwin, Charles
The origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life / Charles Darwin
Penguin Books, 1985
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Levy, Charles Kingsley
Evolutionary wars: a three-billion-year arm race the battle of species on land, at sea, and the air/Charles Kingsley Levy
W.H. Rfeeman , 1999
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Martin Brinkworth
Evolution 2.0: implications of Darwinism in philosophy and the social and natural sciences
Springer, 2012
Darwin, Charles
The Origin of species asal usul species : melalui seleksi alam atau survival of the fittest dalam struggle for existence/Charles Darwin
Yayasan Obor Indonesia, , 2003
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Gould, Stephen Jay
Da er wen da chen han : ting ting Gu'erde zen mo shuo = ever since Darwin : reflections in natural history = 達爾文大震撼 : 聽聽古爾德怎麼說
Tian Xia Wen Hua, 1996
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