Recovering from catastrophic disaster in Asia
edited by William L. Waugh, Ziqiang Han
Emerald, 2017
Denzin, Norman K.
The Recovering Alcoholic
Sage, 1986
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Disaster and the on-going-recovery : a task for disaster's politics or the local indigenous? : a discussion of Indonesia, Japan and Asia disaster recovery experience
by Heru Purnomo, Tommy Pandi, Ghea Grishel Melleagrina, Erin, Nadia Yovani, and Mondastri K. Sudaryo ; editor Raditia Wahyu Supriyatno dan Nadia Yovani
Center for Japanese Studies Universitas Indonesia, 2012
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Kendrick, Tom, author
Rescue the problem project : a complete guide to identifying, preventing, and recovering from project failure
Amacom, 2011
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A Neural network for recovering 3D shape from eroneus and few depth maps of shaded images Mohamad Ivan Fanany (
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